About Me

Hi everyone visiting my page – Thank you for doing so!

Welcome to my Page – I am a shopaholic, and a very practical foodaholic!

I have always attempted to understand Fashion and then realized Fashion is what you create! Fashion is comfort, and Fashion is YOU!

My love for things include: Reading Books, Doing make up, Shopping for comfort (sometimes for discomfort if the Dress is really pretty) and new-found love for cycling. I am a strong believer that happy girls are the prettiest but I also believe make up does enhance the beauty on the outside so – Am an Avid make up lover. My Friends, People I Love  – have always showed liking towards the things I share on social media and encouraged me , so this is my attempt to write down, blog about the things every Girl loves to do or know about – because sharing is CARING 🙂

I hope you find some of my writings useful and can relate to it!

Do add comments on what you would like me to write about/Share in particular, I will make an attempt to do so! And Most importantly Spread Love  🙂

This is a very amateur blog and I am sure to deep dive into this soon!!!


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