“Beautiful Skin requires commitment, not a miracle “

Detox your SKIN

As many of you know,  I am a strong believer of DIY’s and home remedies. There are two reasons to it – Easy access and no side effects.

So Today, I wanted to share with you all, the MOST important yet simple skin care regime that we can follow at home to get clearer and healthy Skin – DETOX .

This whole detox and clean-living – as much crazy as it sounds, the concept has worked for me. Our skin on a daily basis does go through a LOT – like pollution, makeup, bacteria and clogged pores. All of this, in turn ageing our skin/causing wrinkles and age-spots. Detox is one of the magical ways to get clearer and healthy looking skin (of course eating right is primary but we will talk about it on a different day). Before I start with my detox regime, let me talk about my skin a little bit, just so you know what it goes through on a daily basis.

  • My Skin type: Combination (sometimes too dry, sometimes oily).
  • I have always had acne/Blemished skin (some hormonal around the monthly cycle).
  • I sometimes eat crap (ugh!) and drink occasionally on weekends – so that can do some damage too, internally and externally to my skin.
  • I have large open pores on few areas and I usually use pore minimizers during make up to make the pores look smaller ( We will talk about this also in a different post J)

Having said that, I am lucky in one way (thanks to my gorgeous mother – and my genes), I don’t have age spots yet or wrinkles (though I think wrinkles are beautiful). I think it’s important to have a healthy skin – am not targeting a wrinkle-free skin here. Now – below are some of the practices I follow religiously (trying to, for the last 6 weeks and is working on me lately).

  1. DETOX WATER 1: Tried and tested!!! So I know for a fact this works on me.

Recipe : 2L Water, 1 medium cucumber, 1 lemon (I squeeze some and also add some sliced lemons to the water),10 mint leaves, optional is- 1 or 2 slices of orange – prepare this water , refrigerate overnight and drink the next day

Benefits: This is great for general detox for the skin and body – by cleaning out harmful toxins.

  1. DETOX WATER 2: I love this one, personally – though I juggle between 1 and 2 time to time.

Recipe: 2L Water, 2 Lemons –thinly sliced, little bit of ginger – Prepare this water and refrigerate overnight and drink the next day.

Benefits: This mix  helps in flushing out toxins and also shed down some weight.

  1. WATER INTAKE: This other thing I follow every day is very simple : Drinking 3L of water everyday ( 2L Detox water included in this – there are days I don’t make detox water, I still make sure I drink 3L) and yes I measure my water intake.

These simple tricks have helped my skin improve in the last 6 weeks. Every skin care regime takes time and so have patience for this to reflect on you.

“The good news is that taking care of your skin does not have to be expensive or time-consuming”

Side note: I love sheet masks and recently I purchased this amazing set of Korean sheet masks from amazon which Contains vitamin E and collagen which keeps your tired skin lively and healthy – I have used 4 of them so far (once a Week) and its makes my skin feel hydrated, smooth and rejuvenated. There are 16 different types of them in this pack – each of them has a different objective. Try them and tell me if you like it!

Soon, I will write about few homemade face masks! Please follow and watch out this space for more.

Link to the Sheet Masks that I use:






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